I prefer the isolated, lonely places
A forgotten bone-bleached beach
A seagull’s ceaseless cry
Waves crashing like
Poseidon’s storms
All hallowed and shipwrecked
Not the gross hyperbole of
Humanity’s dis-ease
Poisonous arrows like Aries
Riding the winds of war
But where there is space

To breathe the sky
Its saltness of being
Stretched horizon
Forever going backwards
All the possibilities of time
Like when we were young
You held my hand like sanctuary


Memories suspended

In time

Shape shifting



Like stars

Endless desert

Night sky

Bygone years

Streak by

A crackling energy

A muffled cry

Comes full circle

This moment

Sprinkled with regret

Like rain

Singing lullibies

You never heard

I’m unbalanced

I say

I’m not the one for you

He says

Sitting next to each other

At the counter

Staring at the sea

I miss you

I say


He says

Our legs remain


Under the counter




Not distance
Not time
Lets go of
Memories that arrive
On the wind
That song
Your face in morning light
The fleeting of your touch
A lone candle alight
In the window
A quiet space where
The heart keeps
Its secrets
Remains unlocked

You feel it coming 


It has arrived

The quiet spaces 

In between

Where finches gather


The yard out back looks



In the falling sun

The lone lounge chair

Silent and sagging

On the concrete patio

How the house just 

Doesn’t feel right


The spaces between walls

White and stark empty

Of your touch

On the way
He lost her
In the swirling winds
The ecstasy of her embrace
A shadow figure haunting
His dreams
A moment in time
Shifting as sands
Twilight of love
He lost her the
Moment he spoke of
The other
Sweet nectar
A snake’s coiled embrace
She could only see the color
The Côte d’Azur
Southern France
The way the light danced
In his eyes
When he laughed in the sun
It was only then that she

What the high desert holds can be anything

Abandoned mines of the recesses of your mind

Your eccentric self — speaking to red rocks in the canyons

Unexploded ordinances

A supersonic jet — clear blue sky

The Joshua tree and its bearded limbs

Twisted and puncturing the sound wave that follows

The pinion pine — scraggly

Old guardians of the deep dark night

Where the satellites start to glide across a swath like

Secret sentinels then suddenly stop and

Disappear into the background of stars

The Milky Way shedding the blood of centuries of

War from beneath itself: a hallowing

Where the mystery of magic is so profound you can

Feel its weight all around you

Like an unknown vortex — a journey to another place in space

Possibly dimension — an alternate universe

The path you didn’t chose that continues on its

Own trajectory thru time

When the echo of the sound of your feet

Beneath you are all you hear

Only to find when you stop the still stark silence of the

Wind whispering through the canyon to

The valley floor below — the singular rusted

Mountains undulating across the horizon

Where you swear you see the ghosts of

Dinosaurs roaming what once were shallow seas

As time falls away and fades back into the

Sun which is now lowering in the sky

The witching time in the desert

Where the spirits begin to wander the land and

The long open highways

Laid out in front of you like myriad

Endless possibilities